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⦾ The Chakra-UI Text component is a versatile tool for rendering text and paragraphs within a user interface. It provides a wide range of functionality and customization options.

The Text component can be imported as follows:


Customizing Font Size

⦾ One of the fundamental features of the Text component is the ability to adjust the font size. You can accomplish this by passing the fontSize prop. This example showcases the 10 different predefined font sizes in Chakra.











Truncating Text

⦾ If you need to truncate text after a specific number of lines, you can use the noOfLines prop. This feature is useful when dealing with long paragraphs that may exceed the available space. This feature is also full responsive, so the noOfLines prop can take an array of values to truncate text at different screen sizes. In this example, you can experiment with how the text will render when the numOfLines property is set to different values.
noOfLines = 3

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Overriding the Text Style

⦾ By default, the Text component renders as a <span> element. However, you can override this behavior by using the as prop. This allows you to render the text as a different HTML element.
<Text as="b">
<Text as="i">
<Text as="u">
<Text as="abbr">
<Text as="cite">
<Text as="del">
<Text as="em">
<Text as="ins">
<Text as="kbd">
<Text as="mark">
<Text as="q">
<Text as="s">
<Text as="samp">
<Text as="sub">
<Text as="sup">

Did you know?

Creative Idea No. 1

Gradient Text: There are many ways to call attention to a particular block of text. This example shows you how to display text with a subtle gradient effect to add visual appeal and draw attention to important information, while at the same time not overwhelming the user visually.

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Creative Idea No. 2

Dynamic Text: This example showcases text in a carousel manner, engaging users and adding visual interest, which is great for any website or application. This method can be utilized to highlight key messages, display quotes or slogans, or present dynamic information in an eye-catching manner. So that you can try it out yourself, we offer you the ability to input three lines of text of your choosing and see the animation in action.

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Creative Idea No. 3

Interactive Story: One of the best uses of text is story-telling. This example creates an interactive storytelling experience for users. The story is navigated through a series of choices, which guide the narrative in different directions based on the user's selections.


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